As mankind evolved from the dark ages to the information age, people, markets and businesses have fundamentally changed. Once, riding horses and perfecting the wheel as core communication and transportation means, we now travel through ride sharing applications and communicate using massively networked systems. Change is a given. Today's business needs more data, more quickly than ever before to effectively compete and drive their success. Enter Twentify - changing the way data and insights gets collected to support the needs of business - today. Using Twentify, people and companies who have a need for data, can access to consumers and offline data through thousands of smartphone users anywhere in the World, and gather insights. Twentify was founded in 2014 to disrupt traditionally slow and clumsy insight generation methods. Today, Twentify delivers a mobile insights platform, empowering a global consumer community to deliver fast, cost effective and rich data collection to businesses. WIth Twentify's application, Bounty, end users are supplementing their incomes by completing a broad range of tasks daily for businesses across multiple industries; delivering the insights and information they need to run their business.

Founder in 2014


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2 Offices

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Bounty Users
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Enterprise Customers

From the very beginning, Twentify is helping brands for them to make smart business decisions and get ahead of the competition, with mobile insights. If you want to smarten brands' business decisions or change the way consumers interact with brands, join us.