With Twentify platform, market research is at your fingertips. Design your surveys using the survey builder, target your audience, collect answers, and run analysis on data efficiently with analytics and reporting features - all in one place.

All Details Are On Your Hands

See all answers in a detailed way, with the details of GPS location, consumer age, and gender information.

See Details Of All Answers

By seeing all answers to your questions, miss no point within your data - and see whatever you want to see, at wherever you want.

Granular Reach to Demographics

By reaching to the location, completion time and demographics, see granular data and generate insights multidimensionally.

Do It Yourself

Using the self-service, create your projects, define your target audience and run your research.

Fast Project Creation

Without contacting with anybody via phone or e-mail, you can create your project by specifying the criteria, survey and target audience.

Design, Target, Publish

Enter the title and description of your project, prepare your survey, define your target audience and publish. If you aren't sure about your survey, use predefined templates we offer to you.

Create Survey from Scratch, or Use Templates

Using advanced survey builder, create your surveys, or use predefined templates and edit them.

Advanced Question Types

Twentify survey builder offers you 21 question types, including photo capturing, voice recording and location stamp. According to your need, collect any answer.

Predefined Research Templates

Use scientifically created templates on the platform, and design your survey faster than ever, enabling right analysis methods.

It's Easy to Analyze Your Data

After collecting data in a fast way, see visualizations with analysis solutions, generate insights from answers using dynamic reporting and use Excel and PDF reports at your presentations.

Dynamic Reporting

By filtering answers to your questions, analyze the data you've collected, and review it with a few clicks.

Excel and PDF Reports

After filtering your data according to your needs, you can export your raw data in Excel for your analysis purposes, or in PDF if you want to add results to your presentations.

Right Audience, Right Time, Right Place

Using targeting options, access to the right audience, at the right time with the location, time and demographics information additional to your questions.

Demographical Targeting

By filtering consumers according to their gender, age, interests, and behavior, conduct your research with your target audience, efficiently.

Location and Time Specification

Apply task-based targeting for your audit projects, so that they can be completed in a particular location or an area, in specified time intervals.

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