Using Twentify's mobile insights solutions, you can conduct market research and field audit studies, and get actionable insights by understanding consumers and field.

Field Insights

Audit the compliance of your marketing materials, stock availability, and measure the service quality of your staff or service providers. Using Twentify's Field Insights solutions, you can collect intelligence from the retail environment and out-of-home campaigns to better understand how the shoppers and consumers are engaging with your brand.

Outdoor Audit Outdoor Audit

Observe your advertisements or service points consumers interact with, measure performance of your field service providers and performance of these points.

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Store Audit Store Audit

Audit product compliance at stores, learn the availability of marketing campaigns and convert insights into actions to improve field service quality.

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Mystery Shopping Mystery Shopping

Audit your stores and staff, understand real customer experience and improve customer experience by taking actions according to the insights.

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Using enriched methodologies and technology, Twentify mobile insights platform provides rich benefits to traditional market research solutions.

100% Validated Data

Answers you've collected using Twentify's consumer platform Bounty, get validated with GPS location, pictures and voice recordings. This way, you only have validated answers and can see all answers.

Fast Operations with Wide Coverage

Using the power of the platform, you can conduct your field operations in country wide, which allows you to see whole geography, rather than a limited view.

Real Consumers

Your field audits get done by real consumers. This allows you to see your field operations through your customers' eyes, learn their real experience, enrich your business and run projects below the surface.

Consumer Insights

Understand consumer behavior and preferences, collect feedbacks on your products and your marketing materials. Using Twentify's Consumer Insight solutions, you can gather intelligence directly and quickly from your target consumer to inform marketing campaigns and product development.

Usage and Attitude Research Usage and Attitude Research

Learn consumers' consumption and purchase behavior on a category, learn their perceptions of brands; which leads to direct your sales and marketing.

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Product Testing Product Testing

Make your target audience to use/consume your product, learn their usage experience; which allows understanding the needed development areas for success.

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Concept Testing Concept Testing

Collect feedbacks from consumers about your product ideas, packaging designs, advertisements; which leads to successful products and marketing campaigns.

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Consumer Pulse Consumer Pulse

Get answers to your three questions from consumers, and measure the pulse instantly; which allow directing marketing campaigns, and brand to act agiler.

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We're allowing you to understand consumers easier, more direct and faster by leveraging the technology.

Country Representative, Flexible Targeting

Conduct your research in country representation with a few clicks, or to your target audience using the flexible targeting options. After the project is done, you can enrich your analysis with granular demographics and answers data.

Fast and Validated Data

Your projects get opened to thousands of consumers at Twentify's Bounty mobile application, get completed within hours, and all answers get reported to you after getting an evaluation.

Contextually Rich

Using Twentify mobile insights solutions, you can collect data from consumers with 21 question types. These data include multimedia elements such as voice recordings, video, photo captures and screenshots, where can enrich your research and study.

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