Concept Testing

Make Marketing Consumers Purchase

Using Twentify's concept testing solution, you can collect feedbacks from your target audience about your product ideas, packaging designs, advertisement graphics, and videos; which allow you to make successful products and marketing campaigns.

How It Works

On Twentify concept testing solution, insights get collected in three steps. At the first step, consumers evaluate your concepts, at the second step they share their purchase behavior, and at the third step, they evaluate specified brand and price.

Concept Evaluation

At concept evaluation step, consumers share their general observations on your concept/product. We learn evaluations on the look of the concept, its effect to purchase, category usage behavior and enjoyed features.

Purchase Evaluation

To understand the effects on purchase and consumer affecting attributes, decision-making process and purchase behavior gets learned in a detailed way.

Product Evaluation and Suggestions

At the last step, consumer's perception gets learned, the brand and pricing gets evaluated by consumers, and subjective feedbacks get collected.

Why Concept Testing

Every month, brands are developing tens of product and marketing campaigns at competitive industries. For these product and marketing campaigns to be successful, alternatives need to be evaluated by consumers; which lead to experiences making consumers purchase, and investment to be done more effectively.

Develop Products Consumers Purchase

Conduct concept tests on your product ideas, identify your successful product ideas, collect feedbacks from users that'll make your products effective and focus on product ideas that consumers will purchase.

Get RoI of Your Marketing Campaigns

Evaluating your marketing campaigns via concept testing, allows you to compare your marketing campaigns, measure the effectiveness of them; which allow you to run marketing campaigns with sales impact.

Apply Smart Pricing

By conducting studies on product pricing, you can learn consumer thoughts and decision criteria, and move your pricing levels into the optimum area.


With the power of mobile technologies, you can make a live stream from consumers' minds using Twentify's concept testing solution.

Multimedia Support

With the power of mobile technologies, you can extend your concept tests with graphics and videos, and collect scientific and analyzable data with the organic survey experience to consumers.

Fast and Validated Data

Your projects get opened to thousands of consumers at Twentify's Bounty mobile application, get completed within hours, and all answers get reported to you after getting an evaluation.

Flexible Targeting

Using flexible targeting options, you can target your audience in a granular way, and apply deeper analysis on the data you've collected.

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