Consumer Pulse

Measure the Pulse of Consumers Within Minutes

Using Twentify's consumer pulse solution, you can get answers to your three questions from your target audience, and measure the pulse of consumers instantly; which allows you to direct your marketing campaigns, and allowing your brand to act agiler according to the instant changes in the market.

Why Consumer Pulse

It's critical to reaching market changes regarding sales and marketing operations. Brands who follow the changes and perform successful campaigns have a better perception on consumers' perspectives.

See Consumer Reactions

By asking questions to consumers about the changes in the market, you can see consumer orientation, and act according to the consumer attitude on your sales and marketing activities.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns on your target audience, learn the go-to-purchase effect and revise your campaigns to increase it.

Get Feedbacks from Consumers

Ask a couple of questions to consumers at times where you need to take instant actions, and collect feedbacks that'll make them like a buy.


With the power of mobile technologies, you can easily measure the pulse of consumers by conducting Twentify consumer pulse studies.

Reach Participant Demographics

By reaching to the location, completion time and demographics information, see answers individually and generate insights with multidimensional data.

Fast and Validated Data

Your projects get opened to thousands of consumers at Twentify's Bounty mobile application, get completed within hours, and all answers get reported to you after getting an evaluation.

Wide Geography

Using Twentify platform, you can measure the pulse of consumers in country wide, which allows you to see the whole geography rather than a limited view, and help you reach to the thoughts of the public.

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