Product Testing

Develop Products Consumers Purchase

Using Twentify's product testing solution, you can make your target audience to use/consume your product, learn their thoughts about the product packaging, taste and smell, see which steps they're going through when they're preparing; which allows you to understand the needed development areas within your product.

How It Works

On Twentify product testing solution, insights get collected in three steps. At the first step, consumers share their observations before consumption, at the second step, they share their preparation/consumption behavior, and at the third step, they share their feedbacks after consumption.

Before Consumption

On before consumption step, consumers share general observations about the product. The product gets evaluated within the package, out of the package before the consumption.

Consumption Behavior

On consumption behavior step, you can see where and how your product is getting prepared, and where/how your product is getting consumed.

After Consumption

On after consumption step, you can collect feedbacks from consumers about your products, and get a general evaluation.

Why Product Testing

Every day, more and more products are getting prepared to meet with consumers. But, before moving into mass production or marketing step, it's really essential to improve the lacking points of products and collect consumer feedbacks. If this step is missed, products are getting into shelves with a low chance of success, and can easily fail.

Get RoI of Your Product Development

With the right decisions made on product development process, you can develop products that consumers purchase; where you can manage product development process and get the return on your investments.

Collect Marketing Insights

By learning preparation and consumption experiences of consumers, you can identify important points on your marketing communications, and reveal secret points that take consumers' attention.

Learn About Competition

By making consumers compare your product with competitor products, you can see which areas your product is superior, and move smartly on your product development process with the insights you've collected.


With the power of mobile technologies, you can make a live stream from consumers' eyes using Twentify's product testing solution.

Contextually Rich

With the advanced survey question types, you can get consumers' product preparation and consumption experience with video or pictures; where you don't miss any point from consumers' perspectives.

Fast and Validated Data

Your projects get opened to thousands of consumers at Twentify's Bounty mobile application, get completed within hours, and all answers get reported to you after getting an evaluation.

Flexible Targeting

Using flexible targeting options, you can target your audience in a granular way, and apply deeper analysis on the data you've collected.

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