Usage and Attitude Research

Understand Consumer Behaviour

Using Twentify's usage and attitude research, you can learn consumers' consumption and purchase behavior on a category, learn their perceptions of brands; which leads to direct your sales and marketing activities.

How It Works

On Twentify usage and attitude research, insights get collected in three steps. At the first step, consumers share their consumption behavior, at the second step, consumers share their purchase behavior, and at the third step, they share their brand preferences.

Consumption Behavior

At consumption behavior step, consumers share their objectives on usage, general behavior and usage frequency.

Purchase Behavior

To measure the effects to purchase and reasons lying behind them, consumers share their purchase decisions and purchase behavior.

Brand Preferences

At the last step, consumers share their brand preferences, brand experiences, and thoughts on the specified brand.

Why Usage and Attitude Research

For brands to grow and expand, they need to understand the market demand, create a marketing strategy according to the user behavior and learn about the competition. For these activities to be successful, they need to understand consumers and address their needs with their solutions.

Learn Consumer Consumption Journey

Specify your market positioning and marketing strategy by understanding factors affecting purchase decisions and consumer purchase patterns, in a product category or action.

Learn About Competition

By learning preferred brands, marketing campaigns and brand usage, learn the competition in the market and understand engagement between consumers and brands. With this understanding, see the competition in the market from consumers' eyes.

Reveal Opportunities in the Market

By understanding consumer consumption preferences on their needs, reveal the opportunities in the market, and identify broken parts at consumer journey.


With the power of mobile technologies, you can get into consumers' minds and understand them using Twentify's usage and attitude research.

Reach Participant Demographics

By reaching to the location, completion time and demographics information, see answers by individuals and generate insights with multidimensional data.

Fast and Validated Data

Your projects get opened to thousands of consumers at Twentify's Bounty mobile application, get completed within hours, and all answers get reported to you after getting an evaluation.

Flexible Targeting

Using flexible targeting options, you can target your audience in a granular way, and apply deeper analysis on the data you've collected.

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