Outdoor Audit

See What's Happening Outdoors

On Twentify's outdoor audit solution, observe your advertisements or service points your customers interact with, measure performance of your field service providers and performance of these points.

How It Works

With Twentify's outdoor audit solution, you can audit your ATMs and outdoor advertisements. Using these audits, you can see the functionality and cleanliness of these points, and check the compliance.

Point Validation

First, consumers validate the location and address of the store with their GPS and then take a wide picture of the store to prove they’re there.

Point Audit

After the validation is done, consumers audit specified criteria on the point with close-up pictures, and during this process, they audit the functionality, compliance and share their comments.

Why Outdoor Audit

At outdoor points your customers engage with your products and services, being there and making them have a good experience are important things affecting sales and customer loyalty. By improving these criteria, you can improve your field service quality.

Audit Field Supplier Performance

By auditing the cleanliness and availability of your outdoor advertisements and ATMs, measure the performance of your field service providers, and be sure to get the return on your investments.

See What's Happening Outdoors

By auditing the physical functionality and presence of your outdoor advertisements and ATMs, and improve the lacking points at these points by taking immediate and effective actions.

Learn Real Customer Experience

By seeing the real customer journey on your stores, reveal the lacking points within the experience and provide a better experience.


With the power of mobile technologies, conduct Twentify outdoor audit studies and observe consumer facing outdoor points in real-time.

100% Validated Data

Answers you've collected using Twentify's consumer platform Bounty, get validated with GPS location, pictures, and voice recordings. This way, you only have validated answers and can see all answers.

Fast Operations with Wide Coverage

Using the power of the platform, you can expand your field operations to the whole country, and can see the whole geography, rather than seeing a portion of it. Audits get completed by real consumers and get done within hours.

See Multidimensional with Multimedia

Your outdoor points are not just about scores. Using Twentify platform, you can see how these points look like and observe beyond the numbers.

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