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Shorten the Time Undertaking Qualitative Research Using AI 

Efficient and effective qualitative research projects using AI-driven interviews to support market researchers. Dive deeper, fetch faster, understand better.


QualsAI is an AI-powered qualitative research tool that lets brands conduct interviews with consumers online. It automatically moderates these interviews, analyses the conversations, and provides detailed insights from the discussions.

Twentify QualsAI Qualitative Research Solution Harnessing AI

Beyond Traditional

Step into a new era where advanced AI meets qualitative research. No more hefty fees, just smart technology.

Quick Turnaround

Why wait weeks when you can get insights in real-time? Speed up your research cycle and decision-making process.

Boundless Research

Dive into global markets without hesitation. Overcome language and cultural barriers seamlessly with AI-assisted interviews.

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QualsAI enhances FMCG research by automating data analysis, extracting patterns, and swiftly revealing nuanced consumer insights. Machine learning enables strategy refinement and product optimisation for FMCG brands.


QualsAI revolutionises retail research, automating capture of consumer behaviors and preferences, enabling quick trend identification and strategic decision-making. This ensures retailers stay agile and competitive.

Food Industry

In the food industry, QualsAI elevates qualitative research, swiftly decoding consumer preferences and trends. Machine learning offers detailed insights, accelerating innovation and strategic decision-making for businesses.


Machine learning extracts valuable insights, enhancing ad content, optimizing strategies, and ensuring brand agility. QualsAI transforms marketing research, swiftly decoding consumer behaviours, preferences, and perceptions.


QualsAI has now opened up qualitative research for early-stage companies due to its low priced entry point. Perfect for user testing, product market fit, consumer insights and to refine strategies for responsive, innovative startups.


From idea to interview design in seconds with AI

Whether it’s a brief note or detailed paragraphs, QualsAI’s powerful Artificial Intelligent support agent effortlessly transforms your researchers inputs into effective suggestions for dynamic interview flows.

Tailor your study on-the-go, and let QualsAI handle the rest. Dive into those vital conversations without missing a beat by asking deeper, or additional questions from existing results.

Twentify QualsAI Qualitative Research AI
Twentify QualsAI Qualitative Research AI Interviews
consumer Interviews

Genuine insights with AI-driven interactions

  1. Target Audience Alignment: Connect with the perfect match from your target audience every time.
  2. Capturing Nuances: QualsAI's precision ensures every tiny detail and nuance is noticed and recorded.

  3. Authentic Insights: Engage participants in a manner that feels familiar and genuine, leading to richer insights.

Insights amplified: Instant, deep, direct.

  1. Executive Summary: Instantly receive a concise breakdown, highlighting major takeaways and actionable recommendations.

  2. Verbatim & transcriptions: Capture direct, raw feedback. Dive into the exact words of your participants for unfiltered insights.
  3. SmartAsk deep dives: Hungry for more? Employ SmartAsk to probe deeper, seeking answers to specific questions or clarifying details on the fly.
Twentify QualsAI Qualitative Research Solution Harnessing AI

Answer all your questions with SmartAsk feature:

Qualitative Research Methods Using AI

Here is why you should use an AI-powered qualitative research tool:

24/7 Availability

Research that doesn't clock out. Access insights anytime.


Your intuitive probe. Dive deeper on demand.

Swift Results

Speedy insights. Always stay a step ahead.

Global Reach

Worldwide insights. Engage from Tokyo to Buenos Aires.

Dynamic Flow

Fluid conversations. Ensuring richness in every chat.


Affordable excellence. Premium insights without the premium price.


Sustainable research. Reduce, reuse, resonate.

For Researchers

By researchers, for researchers. Precisely tuned to your needs.

Powerful Tech

Engineered for excellence. High-performance technology at its core."


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