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Develop Impactful Communication Campaigns

Measure consumer reactions and preferences on your advertisement and communication campaigns, and make your advertisement investment and communications decisions to achieve a robust growth.


Tends of brands are making their strategic marketing and advertisement decisions with Twentify, and driving consumer-oriented campaigns.



Direct Your Marketing Communications

Identify media channels that reflect the behavior of your audience, and reach out to them at the right time, through the right channels, with conversion-focused campaigns.


Measure RoI of Your Advertisements

Measure the effectiveness of your advertisements according to their objective, and see the potential RoI of your advertisements.


Design Successful Advertisements

Design your advertisements with consumers to transfer your message more effectively and generate the impact you wanted to make.



ING Bank Is Testing Its Advertisement Campaigns With Twentify

We wanted to conduct an advertisement test to understand how successful will our new advertisement movie to be launched in 2018 on building the perception of basketball. However, we didn't have enough time for this test, and we faced disadvantages on surveying basketball fans via face-to-face research methodology. We have worked with Twentify on a visual test study, so considering the high video watch rates, we proceeded with Twentify.

Hasret Güneş,
Market Research Manager, ING Bank


Why do companies prefer Twentify for their Consumer Understanding studies, and what advantages Twentify provide?


1. Observe Consumers on Their Organic Environment

With Twentify solutions, you can reach out to your target audience at the right time, in the right place; allowing you to collect organic answers.


2. Go Quan and Qual with Multimedia

By adding qualitative questions like videos, photographs and open-ended questions, extend your quantitative research, and enrich your study.


3. Access Your Audience Granular Targeting

With advanced targeting on the hundreds of thousands of consumers on Bounty, access to your target audience quickly.


4. Reach to Consumers Again with Re-contact

Reach out to consumers with different research according to their answers, and clear all ambiguities  in your research.

Don't leave your success to chance.

Develop your marketing campaigns with your target audience, achieve predictable success.

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