icon_consumer-understanding Consumer Understanding Research

Measure the Pulse of the Consumers

Learn the consumption and purchase behavior of consumers, identify the changes and opportunities in the market, and drive your product and marketing strategy to strengthen your growth.

Tends of brands are seeing the changes in consumer behavior and market opportunities with Twentify.
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See The
Market Competition

See how your competitors are perceived and being used across different consumer segments, and decide on your positioning.


Growth Opportunities

Learn the consumer purchase motivations, perception and feedback on the process, identify the growth opportunities.


The Consumption Map

Learn where and how consumers are making their purchases, and how they consume to see the consumer consumption map better.



Vestel Is Measuring The Pulse of Consumers With Twentify

Thanks to the Pulse solution, we are feeling peaceful. Now, whenever we have a request in a meeting, we can offer this research type. Regarding actionability, it helped us to understand consumers' shopping behavior and market potential on special days, and give action suggestions according to this potential.

Cihan Bozkuş,
Strategic Analysis & Retail Training Manager, Vestel


Why do companies prefer Twentify for their Consumer Understanding studies, and what advantages Twentify provide?


1. Observe Consumers on Their Organic Environment

With Twentify solutions, you can reach out to your target audience at the right time, in the right place; allowing you to collect organic answers.


2. Go Quan and Qual with Multimedia

By adding qualitative questions like videos, photographs and open-ended questions, extend your quantitative research, and enrich your study.


3. Access Your Audience Granular Targeting

With advanced targeting on the hundreds of thousands of consumers on Bounty, access to your target audience quickly.


4. Reach to Consumers Again with Re-contact

Reach out to consumers with different research according to their answers, and clear all ambiguities  in your research.

Never lose an opportunity again.

Understand consumers, identify opportunities, build your strategy, and grow.

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