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Build Products Consumers Buy

Support your product development process from product ideation to pricing with consumer feedback, and develop your products that will make your audience purchase with the support of insights.

Tens of brands are using Twentify in their product development process, and building successful products.
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Develop Consumer Centric Products

Manage your product ideas, prototypes, packaging designs and pricing with the answers you receive from consumers, and become consumer-centric.


Make Right Product Investments

Develop your products by collecting consumer feedback directly, to optimize your product development process by making right decisions.



MediaMarkt Is Reaching Its Consumers Quicker With Twentify

We are in a period where companies need to use their resources in right areas. Long and complicated setup process, having a hard time accessing the target audience, high costs, questionable results, and slow reporting process... When we want to hit two birds with a stone, Twentify gets into the stage.

Aslı Dilara Tek,
Customer Experience & Research Senior Specialist, MediaMarkt


Why do companies prefer Twentify for their Consumer Understanding studies, and what advantages Twentify provide?


1. Observe Consumers on Their Organic Environment

With Twentify solutions, you can reach out to your target audience at the right time, in the right place; allowing you to collect organic answers.


2. Go Quan and Qual with Multimedia

By adding qualitative questions like videos, photographs and open-ended questions, extend your quantitative research, and enrich your study.


3. Access Your Audience Granular Targeting

With advanced targeting on the hundreds of thousands of consumers on Bounty, access to your target audience quickly.


4. Reach to Consumers Again with Re-contact

Reach out to consumers with different research according to their answers, and clear all ambiguities  in your research.

Develop products consumers love.

Listen to your customers on your products, and build products that they would purchase.

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