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Twentify provides an effective and efficient mobile insights platform allowing businesses of every size to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers and shoppers for their market research and field audit needs.

Today's ever evolving shoppers and consumers can not be adequately measured by traditional methods.

The marketplace is changing faster than ever. As such, keeping up with todays shoppers and consumers is challenging. Whether it be understanding how the shopper is engaging with your brand at retail, digging deeper into the usage habits of the consumer, what is working now and what can you do to adjust your marketing campaigns to impact sales? Twentify's innovative technology platform allows brands to better understand what is happening as it relates to their shoppers and consumers in real time.

Shoppers and Consumers


Using Twentify's mobile insights solutions, you can conduct market research and field audit studies, and get actionable insights by understanding consumers and field.

Field Insights

Outdoor Audit Outdoor Audit
Store Audit Store Audit
Mystery Shopping Mystery Shopping

Audit the compliance of your marketing materials, stock availability, and measure the service quality of your staff or service providers. Using Twentify's Field Insights solutions, you can collect intelligence from the retail environment and out-of-home campaigns to better understand how the shoppers and consumers are engaging with your brand.

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Consumer Insights

Usage and Attitude Research Usage and Attitude Research
Product Testing Product Testing
Concept Testing Concept Testing
Consumer Pulse Consumer Pulse

Understand consumer behavior and preferences, collect feedbacks on your products and your marketing materials. Using Twentify's Consumer Insight solutions, you can gather intelligence directly and quickly from your target consumer to inform marketing campaigns and product development.

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With its advantages, Twentify allows you to fulfill your market research and audit needs, easier and smarter than ever.

Real-time Access and Analysis

Real-time Access and Analysis

Using Twentify web dashboard, you can see received answers in real-time and download PDF or Excel reports. Using dashboard, you can create projects by yourself.

Flexible Targeting

Flexible Targeting

Using flexible targeting options, you can target your audience in a granular way, and apply deeper analysis on the data you've collected.

Fast and Validated Data

Fast and Validated Data

Your projects reach thousands of real consumers on Twentify's consumer platform Bounty. They get completed within hours with enriched answers including GPS, pictures and voice recordings. All answers get evaluated before presenting to you.

How It Works

Using Twentify platform, you can conduct your audit and research projects in 3 simple steps.

Design Your Study Design Your Study
Collect Data Collect Data
Gather Insights Gather Insights

Create an audit or research form for your business needs, or get consultancy if you need support. After your specifications are ready and specified regarding targeting and criteria, start your project to collect data from the users of Twentify's consumer interface, Bounty. Access to collected answers via the web dashboard, analyze your data and get PDF or Excel reports whenever you want.

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