Decode consumer moments with Twentify's technology-centric research methods.

in more than 12 countries,
with nearly 2 million Bounty users.

Reach consumers in the moments of the experience. Get rich insights with active and passive data collection methods using Bounty's technology. Find the right audiences with advanced targeting options.


Twentify is ready with its technology-centric research solutions for every stage of your brand journey!

Reveal the opportunities in your category, the consumption & purchasing habits of consumers, and trends in the market. Plan your actions with deeper and richer insights.


Usage and Attitude

Understand consumers' usage, motivations, purchasing behavior, and perception of categories and specific brands in real time and with a wide variety of data.

Identify growth opportunities by analyzing behaviors and trends, and nurture your strategies today for the future's competition with powerful insights.


Build personalized marketing strategies for your audience segments by Segmentation solution that Twentify performs using behavioral economics and shopper values. Target them on digital platforms with our Digital Targeting solution, and reach them again whenever you want for your research with our Re-Contact solution.

explore_social awareness

Social Awareness

Conduct awareness and perception research on social issues in all provinces of Turkey with the Bounty Consumer Research Platform, with high samples and in a short time, and reach the most accurate insights with non-biased question sets and research methods.

Lifestyle and Trends

Changing lifestyles bring changing consumption habits. Analyze the lifestyles and trends with a wide variety of data obtained through more than 30 demographic data points, behavioral data, location data, and active data collection methods. Make the correct positioning for your brand and build effective communication strategies.


Occasion Understanding

Reach consumers while purchasing, using/consuming a product/service, or in any interaction moment with your brand without disrupting their experience. Reach the most accurate insights about their experiences with rich data variety such as photos, videos, audio recordings, location, and digital behavior.

From new product/service ideas to prototypes, from communication concepts to ad assets, test your creative ideas with real consumers, identify the most critical optimization points and reach your goal.


Idea Testing

Test your new product/service ideas with real consumers, reveal the market potential and detect the areas of improvement. Moreover, implement your optimizations while the research study is running and measure the effects in real-time. Reach the identified participants, again and again, using Twentify's re-contact capability.

Concept Testing

After the idea development processes and tests, analyze how your brand interacts with the target audience at each touchpoint by receiving consumer feedback. Test the product/service benefits, brand story, communication campaign, brand name, logo, or website you have developed as a concept, and identify the barriers to reaching your goals, the effects of each element, and areas of optimization.

create_creative test

Creative Testing

Analyze which of the creative elements that affect campaign performance will help you reach your marketing goals by testing your creatives. Identify which concepts will increase purchasing in your target audiences, such as TV ad, product packaging, product logo, brand message, CTA, and brand faces, then optimize your plans before launch. Compare multiple creatives with each other to decide which is most effective.

Message Testing

Reveal the effects of the message you use in communication on the target audience's perception of the brand and product. Identify and develop the most successful brand messages in likeability, intelligibility, reliability, recommendation, and purchase, and strengthen your brand perception.


Product Testing

Get feedback from real consumers about your prototypes or products on the market. Analyze the purchasing and usage habits with the surveys you can run before/after or during the related occasion. Enrich the insights by collecting video and photo answers from the participants.

Measure your success and evaluate the effectiveness of each activity you have done. Analyze your brand health, campaign impact, and customer experience in detail and identify the areas of improvement to stand out from the competition.


Brand Awareness

Measure brand awareness, the first and most crucial step of the consumer purchase journey, on the basis of segments and compare with your competitors. By analyzing how consumers know your brand, build actions to increase awareness to direct more consumers to buy.

Brand Image

Analyze the customer’s perception of your brand based on their interactions with the brand elements. Differentiate your brand from the competition and increase sales performance by identifying the elements that will create a healthy and positive image in line with your goals.


Brand Uplift / Ad Impact Study

Measure the performance of your ad campaigns and their contribution to purchase and brand metrics. With the AdGrade solution, which uses the passive measurement method, you can conduct your research without disturbing the true viewing experience of the consumers and reach the most accurate results in real time.

Brand Health Tracking

Monitor your brand's performance in terms of awareness, usage, positioning, image, competition, and loyalty by measuring it periodically. Uncover trends and opportunities, optimize your investments, and what to focus on to achieve your goals.


CX Research

With Twentify's Pilgrim and AdGrade Digital solutions, analyze the customer experience seamlessly by revealing brand-customer interactions at every stage, both online and offline. Take action to improve the experience by identifying pain points, expectations, and differentiation points, and increase customer lifetime value, brand value, and customer loyalty.

Shopper Understanding Research

Store visits, online shopping, or call center; learn about shoppers' behavior and experience. Analyze the details of which segments bought from where (physical store, mobile application, website, etc.), which product they prefer, when they complete the purchase mostly, and which motivations and needs trigger them. With a wide variety of data such as photos, videos, sound recordings, and location info, never miss out on any details. Decode shopper behavior in true moments of experience with Twentify's Pilgrim and AdGrade Digital solutions.


Take Advantage of Technology Centric Research

Do not get stuck in traditional research methods. Keep pace with the digital transformation in research with Twentify's innovative research solutions.

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