Amplify active data collection methods with passive data tracking, and have a 360º inclusive view of consumers' daily experience.

AdGrade Digital, offers a simple and effective solution to add behavioral data to your insights and gives you a holistic view of consumers' daily lives.

Decode Your Consumers' Digital Behaviors with Passive Tracking


Twentify offers the opportunity to track the digital behavior of opt-in consumers in real time with AdGradeDigital solution using passive data measurement on the Bounty app.

With this solution, you can analyze your consumers' purchasing journeys in detail and complete with behavioral data such as web browsing actions, mobile application usage, video and audio content consumption, social media usage, ad exposure, and online shopping behaviors.


Decode the 360º Purchase Journey

With AdGrade Digital, analyze all the steps, motivations, barriers, triggers, digital touchpoints, processes of comparison, decision, and purchase on the consumers' purchase path, strengthening your data-driven marketing strategy.

Reveal the Communication Opportunities

Analyze consumers' digital behaviors in various digital touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps, streaming platforms, e-commerce platforms, and social media. Identify the opportunities, and convert them into a successful strategy.


Build Personalized Strategies

Build personalized marketing strategies for your segments with insights fed by passive and active data measuring and comprehensive consumer profiles created on Bounty. And target these segments directly on digital platforms with the Digital Targeting solution offered by Twentify.

Identify the Ways to Enhance Consumer Experience

Monitor and analyze consumers' behavior in their digital purchasing journey. Enhance the experience by uncovering the factors that influence purchasing decisions.


Combine the Physical and Digital Journey with Integrated Twentify Solutions

Analyze their consumer journey holistically across physical and digital channels with Twentify's AdGrade, Pilgrim, and Digital Targeting solutions. Enrich the insights you get as you go broader or deeper regarding the coverage of your research study.

What Types of Behavioral Data Can I Measure With AdGrade Digital ?

Behavioral data is measured from smartphones and personal computers (IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac), in compliance with KVKK / GDPR, by excluding personally identifiable information (PII) and using only opt-in users' devices.



Monitor how they do searches on search engines and which websites they visit. Uncover touch points in the purchasing journey or measure the impact of your marketing strategy.


Mobile Apps

Track which apps they use, usage time/day, frequency, and duration. Measure the role apps play in the purchase journey and their impact on brand loyalty.


E-Commerce Platforms

Gain category insights, analyze competition and brand performance, and decode consumer journey steps by tracking product research and purchasing behavior within websites and apps of e-commerce platforms*.


Ads on Social Media

Have data about the brand, platform, time, device, and content of the social media ad or sponsored content delivered to users on the most popular social media platforms. Analyze the contribution of ads to brand metrics and their impact on the purchase journey.


Streaming Platforms

Gain detailed insights into user behavior and content consumption across platforms that stream video and audio content. Identify the consumption date/time, frequency, and duration of the video/audio content that users consume on platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Youtube, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Video.

* Please get in touch with our sales team for more information about coverage of the e-commerce platforms and the countries.
** Please get in touch with our sales team for the details of the data types tracked.

Take Advantage of Passive Data Measuring

Let's analyze the 360º purchasing journeys of your consumers by combining digital and physical channels.

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