Twentify enables consumer-oriented brands to grow by making successful business decisions.

Consumers are changing the rules of growth.

13 minutes.
This is the time interval a person can spend without checking her smartphone in the US.  Just like the dropping sales numbers of gums after iPhone has launched, the consumer behavior and habits are changing due to the technology entering our lives.

Now, we are living in a 7/24 online world, changing trends within minutes using the social media, communicating via mobile messaging apps, and making experience-oriented shopping decisions, not specifically product-oriented ones. This change in the society affects the success criteria of brands. Today, success is only achievable for brands who are agile and consumer-oriented.

Twentify is changing the way society and brands are looking to the growth and insights. Using Twentify, people and brands who need for data, can access consumers' minds through smartphones anywhere in the World, and gather insights.

Twentify was founded in 2014 to disrupt traditionally slow and clumsy insight generation methods. Every day, hundreds of brands are understanding a community of more than 2,000,000 consumers and making hundreds of decisions. Twentify is operating in more than 50 countries with four offices in Canada, UK, India and Turkey.



Founded in 2014


10+ International Awards


2,000,000+ Users


Offices in Canada, India, UK, and Turkey


300+ Customers


3000+ Completed Projects


Access in 50+ Countries


Some news Twentify has mentioned.


"The firm transforming market research"


How Turkish business Twentify is using a mobile phone app to turn members of the public into secret shoppers and product testers.

8 November, 2017

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"Why Turkish Startup Twentify Set Up Shop in Toronto"


Before moving Twentify – a mobile insights startup – from Istanbul to Toronto, co-founder Ilker Inanc was unconvinced by the buzz.

8 May, 2018

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"Bounty Is An App That Connects Smartphone Users With Nearby Gigs"


An Istanbul-based startup called Twentify took the stage this afternoon at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015.

7 December, 2015

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