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As an advertising agency, media-communication agency, or consultancy agency, get accurate and practical insights with our industry-specific solutions and build precise tactics and strategies for your customers.

Eliminate the risks of failure of your strategy and maximize the return on investment with a wide variety of data collection and real-time tracking instead of running marketing campaigns without measurement and analysis.

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Twentify offers an innovative approach to ad campaign effectiveness measurement and ad testing with the AdGrade solution that uses advanced sound recognition technology. By using the microphone sensor on the phones of opt-in Bounty users, we can detect your ads 24/7 in all sound-emitting channels, and we do this without disturbing the true viewing experience of consumers.



Human Story

True stories from consumers bring you the most accurate results. You can conduct qualitative and quantitative research with video content collected at consumers' moments of experience, revealing hidden insights with a wide variety of data. You can analyze consumers' habits, emotions, and thoughts by observing their product/service usage moments in their daily routines with videos they shot themselves like a vlog.



Journey Decoder

Journey Decoder enables you to use qualitative and quantitative methods, projective techniques, ethnographic research methods, and multimedia analysis methods to decode the consumer purchase journey in 360 degrees, regardless of the physical or digital path, and get growth-oriented opportunities.

Agencies and consulting firms strengthen their strategies for their clients with Twentify's tech-oriented research solutions.
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Alametifarika is Now Faster with Twentify's Solutions

"Before we started working with Twentify, we were wasting a lot of time fulfilling our research needs, and it needed to be shorter. Since our deadlines were very tight, we often had to continue the process without doing research. With the technological opportunities provided by Twentify's mobile consumer panel, speed, practicality, and easy applicability of tailor-made solutions have come to our lives."

Berra Katlav,
Head of Strategy, Alametifarika



Deloitte Analyzes Consumers Needs in real-time with Twentify

"At Doblin, we are focused on helping our customers manage change. With Twentify, we have the ability to dynamically capture observations and insights about our clients' customers. This helps fuel deeper and more nuanced understanding of customers, which enables us to create better, bolder innovations and value creation opportunities for our clients."

Alex Morris,
Co-Leader Dublin Canada, Deloitte's Innovation and Design Practice



Speed Media is More Powerful with Twentify's Solutions

"It is a great pleasure to work with Twentify for us. They are a business partner for us that we prefer because of their innovative perspectives, tailor-made solutions for our needs, and support throughout the process. In addition, its technological infrastructures provide significant benefits in obtaining fast results."

Selin Kuzucu,
Strategy Director, Speed Medya

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