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The increase in the trend of health & wellness and the diversification of services provided in the digital ecosystem cause consumers to evaluate more brands in their decision-making processes. They are exposed to much more communication and engage with the brands in various channels during their purchase journeys, meaning that more brands are in the consideration set.

Twentify offers real & accurate consumer insights to industry brands with its research solutions. Conduct in-depth interviews, focus groups, satisfaction surveys, and experience surveys with Twentify's industry expertise and better understand your consumers.

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Human Story

True stories from consumers bring you the most accurate results. You can conduct qualitative and quantitative research with video content collected at consumers' moments of experience, revealing hidden insights with a wide variety of data. You can analyze consumers' habits, emotions, and thoughts by observing their product/service usage moments in their daily routines with videos they shot themselves like a vlog.




Reach the segments repeatedly to conduct for a broad, deep, or following research study phases. Measure the metrics regularly by performing follow-up research with the same target audience via Twentify's Re-Contact.



Journey Decoder

Journey Decoder enables you to use qualitative and quantitative methods, projective techniques, ethnographic research methods, and multimedia analysis methods to decode the consumer purchase journey in 360 degrees, regardless of the physical or digital path, and get growth-oriented opportunities.

As Twentify, we have been the most reliable research partner of the leading brands in the consumer health industry for years.
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Sanofi prefers Twentify for powerful insights to nurture its marketing strategies.

"With the research project we have conducted, we have experienced that Twentify is not only a robust research company in field projects or compiling consumer stories, but also a research partner with a flexible infrastructure and solid knowledge that can adapt to all kinds of needs. We worked with a team that could easily handle a measurement methodology with very strict medical criteria such as constipation prevalence measurement."

Cansu Yalnız,
Zone Consumer Market Insights Lead, Turkey&Middle East, Sanofi Consumer Health



Bayer gets insights into real consumer experiences quickly, effectively, and efficiently with Twentify solutions.

"We can quickly, effectively, and efficiently understand consumers' true experiences and behavior as being a part of their lives with Twentify's mobile research platform. We can reach insights on a platform where consumers and shoppers express themselves best, provide the most recent information to our brands' communication and marketing strategies and take action."

Ümit Aktaş,
Business Intelligence, Bayer Consumer Health

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