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E-Commerce in India 2021 Research Report


September 2021

In the "E-Commerce in India 2021" report, we examined consumer preferences and habits on a category basis, along with an overall assessment of the competition in the sector. In our report, which includes the interest in e-commerce brands as well as preference motivations and the effect of the pandemic, we have discussed the behavior-attitude-perception trio that will enable brands to make pinpoint decisions in many categories.

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E-Commerce in Turkey 2021 Research Report

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February 2021

"E-Commerce in Turkey 2021" is an overall assessment of the competition in the sector with a detailed examination of consumer preferences and habits in several categories. You will find comparative data on consumption habits in clothing, FMCG, cosmetics, electronics, mother/baby/toy, pet, and book/music/video categories in this report.

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The Apple of Digital Television


June 2018

Cable TV is declining; and over-the-top media services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video are growing. Across these companies, which OTT media service subscribers are the most loyal ones to their brands, what are their satisfaction levels, and what can OTT media services do to differentiate in this crowded market? Download the research report, and find answers to your questions.

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