Research Report

Food Delivery in India

It's been a busy day and you don't have enough time to cook or even energy, right?
Thankfully, there are many food delivery brands that can address our needs without making us think too much about it.

In recent years, the increasing number of food delivery brands, diversified & improved services, and the promotional campaigns offered prompted many of us to order food instead of cooking.

So, to understand the people's habits regarding food delivery services in India, we conducted the "Food Delivery in India" research study. Please scroll below to see which questions will get answers.

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The research has been conducted with 700 participants who belong to the 18-34 age group, male & female, using Twentify's mobile consumer panel. In this report, you will get answers to the questions below:

 - Which channel is preferred for food delivery? The mobile app, website, or phone?

 - Frequency of food orders, and the average number of food orders in a month.

 - Food order occasions, the times when the most food orders are made.

 - Motivations for ordering online food delivery.

 - What food and cuisine are ordered the most for delivery in India?

 - Which food delivery brand is most known?
 (Here is a shortlist of the brands: Pizza Hut, Swiggy, FreshMenu, TravelKhana, Domino's Pizza, Faaso's, and Zomato. Do you have a guess?)

 - Which food delivery brand is most used?

 - Preferences to choose a restaurant for home delivery.

Twentify - India Food Delivery Report_May 2022