Create an Intersection of Research Studies and Personalized Marketing Strategy with Online Audience Segments.

How do you reach the audience segments you build based on the research results in online channels?

Thanks to the Bounty mobile consumer panel, you can now easily target audience segments you created with the result of a research study within Meta, Google, and supported DMPs by collecting unique and anonymized Ad-ID (Advertising Identifier) information of each consumer's mobile device.


What does Ad-ID stand for?

AD-ID is a unique device ID assigned to a mobile device to help advertising platforms personalize their services. This unique identity is used to anonymously track the user's behavior in specific digital environments.


You can easily use Ad-ID technology in your research processes.


1. Targetable audiences are created by matching the Ad-IDs of the participants in the segments within specific advertising platforms.


2. According to the strategy, look-a-like modeling is used to expand the reach base, or a crossover process is performed to create sub-segments by using targeting options of the ad platform.


3. The best-fit communication concepts for target audiences are determined with the Creative Matrix.


4. The finalized target audiences created in the ad platforms are shared with the advertising accounts of the clients.

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