We Meticulously Maintain Our Data Quality and Research Quality Standards for Effective Consumer Insights.

Twentify has GAB (Trustworthy Research Certificate) and ISO: 20252 quality certificates. Besides, Twentify is a member of the Turkish Researchers' Association, and Twentify continues its activities as an ESOMAR member in Turkey and Canada by meeting the ESOMAR criteria since 2017.


The mission of the Association is to carry out certain studies to establish national and international professional principles in the sector, laws, and the sector’s quality standards. 


TÜAD’s legal entities have GAB-Trustworthy Research Certificate in order to ensure reliability, transparency, and sustainability of quality standards in surveys.


ESOMAR is a global organization for the data and insight industry, with a presence in 130 countries, guiding industry companies and contributing to setting industry standards for over 70 years.


TUAD legal entities are regularly checked every year by an independent, international, TURKAK-approved audit firm.

High-Quality Insights with Technology-Centered Research Techniques.

Reach consumers at the right place, at the right time, and without disrupting the daily-life experience by using the Bounty mobile consumer panel. Access the most accurate answers with a wide variety of data, verified profiles, and behavioral tracking.

Genuine Consumer

Detailed user profiles

Phone number verification

Full Name & TRNC verification

Location verification with GPS data

Bank account information & TRNC verification


Fraud Detection

False answers are prevented with participants' recent information, past answers, and attention check questions asked in the survey. After the survey answers are received, the last control eliminates all false answers that could distort the results and provide you with clean data and accurate insights.

Data Security

User-based contracts for the security of personal data and brand-related information

User approvals for project-specific privacy terms

Consumer consent for sharing consumer data

Database and server infrastructure that meets international security standards


Panelist Engagement

Every panelist sees and answers surveys that only match their profiles by using detailed demographic, location, device, and online behavioral information and targeting based on past question answers. Thus, surveys reach only the most relevant participants and achieve high engagement rates.

Bounty User Support

Twentify provides support to all Bounty users with live messaging, support request forms, e-mail, social media messages, and app store comments in Turkish, English, and Hindi. Our support team gets their feedback and ensures a smooth research experience for the participants.