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Uncover Media Consumption with Passive Behavioral Measurement

How well do you know how, when, where, and with which feelings your target audience does content consumption, and which type of content they consume?

Twentify offers unique insights into your target audience's content consumption habits through its passive and active data tracking methods. Stay updated for future trends with Twentify's real-time measurement solutions.

Analyze Your Audience's Media Consumption Habits with Twentify's Tech-Oriented Solutions




Twentify offers an innovative approach to ad campaign effectiveness measurement and ad testing with the AdGrade solution that uses advanced sound recognition technology. By using the microphone sensor on the phones of opt-in Bounty users, we can detect your ads 24/7 in all sound-emitting channels, and we do this without disturbing the true viewing experience of consumers.



AdGrade Digital

Deep dive into the details of consumers' digital behavior and get a holistic understanding of their purchasing journey. Twentify offers the opportunity to track the digital behavior of opt-in consumers in real-time with the AdGrade Digital solution by capturing the data on actions such as searches, product views, add-to-cart, purchases, content streaming, web browsing, ad exposure, etc.



Live Ad Test

With Digital Targeting capability, get involved in the true online viewing experiences of consumers and perform your ad tests by getting the most accurate results. Gain insights fast and effectively with a high sample size.

Twentify measures the changes in consumer behaviors in the media and entertainment industry with innovative research methods.
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Alametifarika is Now Faster with Twentify's Solutions

"Before we started working with Twentify, we were wasting a lot of time fulfilling our research needs, and it needed to be shorter. Since our deadlines were very tight, we often had to continue the process without doing research. With the technological opportunities provided by Twentify's mobile consumer panel, speed, practicality, and easy applicability of tailor-made solutions have come to our lives."

Berra Katlav,
Head of Strategy, Alametifarika

Create superior and comprehensive content insights 

Keep up with changing consumer motivations and needs, excellent your marketing strategy, and increase your sales.

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