How to gather powerful insights with Twentify?

Powered by Twentify's research models and direct-to-consumer targeting, you can gather growth-focused insights with four easy steps.


Research Design and Targeting

First, you select Twentify's most proper solution that fits your business needs. After the solution is chosen, Twentify research team starts working with you to shape the research and targeting options.

Instant Answers from Your Target Audience

Your research gets visible to Bounty users who are inside the targeted audience. After that, consumers start sharing their answers according to the research criteria. Meanwhile, you can see approved answers on Twentify customer dashboard in real-time.


Analysis and Insights Development

After the answers are collected, they get analyzed using Twentify's research models that are specified for the chosen solution. Meanwhile, you can go to Twentify customer dashboard to see the analysis of the data, and play with the data.

Report and Insights

After the analysis is done, you receive an excel file that includes raw answers, and a visual report that includes an executive summary, insights and analysis results. With this report, you can find our suggestions on your business need.


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