Stay in Touch with Your Consumers with Re-Contact, and Turn Them into Partners in Your Processes

With Twentify Re-contact, you can repeatedly reach the audiences who have participated in research studies through Bounty and compare previous survey results with follow-up surveys. In this way, you can expand or deepen the scope of your studies by reaching the same audiences with follow-up surveys. Moreover, you can also carry out re-contact studies with Twentify's other research methods.

Consumer Diaries and Vlog

Understand your consumers' product/category usage habits and your brand's place in consumers' daily lives. Create consumer diaries and vlogs by using recurring surveys and collecting audio, video, or photo assets.


Iterative Product and Service Tests

In the iterative development processes of your product or service, get insights quickly with repeated tests with your consumer, identify the most critical optimization points at every iteration and provide the best experience for your target audience.

Ideation and Co-Creation

Get in touch with the participants repeatedly, and make them a part of the processes such as concept creation, idea optimization, and experience improvement.



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We stayed in constant contact with participants for the research we conducted for a global consumer health brand during the Covid-19 outbreak. We tracked the impact of the new normal dynamics on consumers by conducting surveys, one-to-one interviews, consumer diaries, vlogs, and store visits throughout the research process with the community we created.

Re-engage with Your Research Participants

Uncover deeper insights about your target audience's behaviors and attitudes with continual follow-up surveys.

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