How realistic are the outcomes of the advertising effectiveness studies and ad tests that are not done in the true viewing experience?

Measure the success of your media campaigns and tv ads in real-time using advanced passive data measurement with Twentify AdGrade.


An Innovative Approach in Advertising Effectiveness Research Study by Advanced Real-Time Passive Data Metering

With the Bounty app, AdGrade performs audio analysis on opt-in users' mobile phones and instantly detects the tv ads in the environment, allowing you to conduct advertising effectiveness research without the need of a virtual test environment. It gives you the most accurate insights with a high-sampled participations, with pre, post and pop-up surveys, without disrupting the true viewing experience.


Observe the Moments of True Experience

Use Bounty's advanced passive metering feature with a profiled consumer inventory, instead of using virtual test environments that create biased results, costly and with low-sampling, instantly detect the ads consumers are exposed to with voice recognition technology and include them in surveys. Gain rich insights from Bounty users who share their thoughts in a true viewing experience rather than participants who are consciously focused to a research in a virtual test environment.

Track Your Ads 24/7 as Platform Independent

Whether on linear TV, on OOT platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, or social video platforms such as Youtube, regardless of device type like TV, laptop, tablet, radio, etc. Track your ads in all environments using the mobile phones' microphones of opt-in participants. Instantly detect exposure to advertisements, eliminating the need to ask the participants regarding their ad exposure in the survey.


Run Pop-Up Surveys

Besides pre- and post- surveys, pop-up surveys that can be triggered by exposure to the ad, get instant insights on topics such as ad likes, ad recall, and purchasing intent.

Build Consumer Segments with Advanced Targeting

In addition to more than 30 different demographic information, geo-location, device, and digital behavioral data, also target users who have been exposed to the ads at different times and frequencies using advanced targeting.


Measure the Ad Effects on Both Online and Offline

By using Twentify's other solutions and technologies, enrich the insights you get. Decode their online behaviors with Digital Tracking, observe offline movements with Geo-Triggering, and measure the real effects of your campaigns with accurate data. For example, "What searches did your consumer do on the internet after being exposed to the ad? Did they review the product? Did they put it in their cart?" or "Did they visit the brand's store?" Get the answers to all your questions regarding your target audience's purchase journey.

Success with Real-Time Optimization

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign while it's on air, get instant feedback regarding your ads, create best performing tv copies and optimize your media investments on channel mix.


Access the Results Everywhere and Every Time with Interactive Dashboard

Track the results of the ongoing research from an interactive dashboard, which we prepare specifically for your needs. Analyze data visually using reporting module, and get Excel or PDF reports.

How Does the AdGrade Process Work?


1. The target audience specified according to the scope of the research study is targeted on Bounty using advanced targeting options. Then, they are included in the study by getting their approval and permission.


2. Metrics regarding brand health, category use, and media consumption are measured with pre-survey before starting passive data measurement.


3. We create audio fingerprints in the system by adding the TV ad copies to the database. These video materials can belong to your brand, competitors' brand, or any other branded video content.


4. Passive tracking is initiated for opt-in users. If the system finds a match between the ambient sounds with the fingerprints, the exposure to the advertisement is detected. Information about exposure details is recorded in the database, and pop-up survey scenarios are triggered according to the project.


5. A post-survey is initiated when the campaign ends, or the ad exposure reaches a specific frequency. Then we measure brand metrics, analyze brand uplift and provide a detailed report using an interactive dashboard.

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