Understand Your Customers,

Build Strong Bonds

Twentify offers competitive features to industry brands with its advanced targeting options and technological infrastructure in its mobile research panel. In addition to targeting by demographics, we enable you to include real-time location data, mobile device information, installed applications, and online behaviors in your targeting criteria.

Whether you are testing your new offers, campaign message, or developing new products/services with your target audience, with Twentify, you will better understand your audiences, decode user engagements, and detect improvement areas to improve their experience and loyalty.

Twentify Research Solutions With The Category Expertise



Shopper Research

Understand which product your consumers buy from where, when, and why with real-time location-based enter-exit surveys, and analyze their whole experience in-store.




Analyze consumers' values, attitudes, and behaviors and segment them with accurate insights. Reach your consumers most effectively with a personalized marketing approach. With Twentify's Digital Targeting solution, target those segments on digital channels.



Journey Decoder

Journey Decoder enables you to use qualitative and quantitative methods, projective techniques, ethnographic research methods, and multimedia analysis methods to decode the consumer purchase journey in 360 degrees, regardless of the physical or digital path, and get growth-oriented opportunities.

We have been the number 1 business partner of Turkey's telecommunication giants for years.

Turkcell, t├╝m ma─čazalar─▒nda en iyi, en ucuz ve en yeni ├╝r├╝nleri ├╝st├╝n hizmet kalitesini Twentify ara┼čt─▒rma ├ž├Âz├╝mleri ile sa─člayarak m├╝┼čterilerine sunuyor.T├╝rk Telekom ile her zaman g├╝venilir m├╝┼čteri deneyimi,  Twentify gizli m├╝┼čteri y├Ântemi ile sa─član─▒yor. Vodafone nas─▒l m─▒ d├╝nya ├žap─▒nda en kaliteli operat├Ârlerden bir tanesi?  M├╝┼čterilerini her zaman en iyi anlamaya ├žal─▒┼čan marka olarak T├╝rkiye'de de Twentify Ara┼čt─▒rma ├ç├Âz├╝mlerini kullanarak. Telus-Logo




TELUS Evaluate Their Store Experience with Twentify

"Google came to TELUS to understand the sales performance of the Pixel 2 device and how those sales are according to Rogers and Bell, another major operator in Canada. Our hypothesis about sub-expected sales was that store staff didn't tell customers enough about the product and instead referred to products from other brands such as Samsung, iPhone, and LG. To prove this claim, we decided to conduct a mystery shopper study in stores and present the results to the Google North America team at the Mobile World Conference."

Tara Armstrong,
Mobility Insights Manager, TELUS

Understand Your Customers, Build Strong Bonds

Empathize with customers, understand needs and behavior, and maximize experience and loyalty. 

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