Decode Human Moments

Twentify is a consumer research company that provides technology-centric solutions which enable reaching more than 1.5 million consumers worldwide in instant and true moments of experience.

Using Twentify's mobile consumer platform Bounty, brands are able to analyze all the interactions of their target audience with advanced passive and active data collection methods for both the digital and the physical world.

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Decode Moments of Experience

Twentify enables brands to reach their consumers directly, revealing business opportunities with rich insights.

  • Gather unique insights with Twentify's technology-centric research solutions for every stage of your brand journey.
  • Bounty app, used by 1,500,000+ consumers worldwide, enables you to gather direct feedback.
  • Twentify's customer dashboard allows you to access the details of your project in real-time and using dynamic filters, you can analyze answers by yourself to generate insights.

Gather Insights In Four Steps

Powered by direct consumer access and technology, brands can gather growth-focused insights from Twentify within four steps.


By attaching technology with scientifically proven research models, Twentify brings sophistication and simplicity together. With only four steps, you can conduct consumer-focused consumer research studies, gather insights, and make successful business decisions.

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11.8+ Million


Hundreds of companies from the US, Canada, and Turkey are preferring Twentify for their market research projects.

Thanks to the Pulse solution, we are feeling peaceful. Now, whenever we have a request in a meeting, we can offer this research type. Regarding actionability, it helped us to understand consumers' shopping behavior and market potential on special days, and give action suggestions according to this potential.

Cihan Bozkuş

Strategic Analysis & Retail Training Manager, Vestel

At Doblin, we are focused on helping our customers manage change. With Twentify, we have the ability to dynamically capture observations and insights about our clients' customers. This helps fuel deeper and more nuanced understanding of customers, which enables us to create better, bolder innovations and value creation opportunities for our clients.

Alex Morris

Co-Leader Doblin Canada, Deloitte's Innovation and Design Practice

With Twentify, we have conducted 20 different studies in 9 months. We used micro surveys with 3 questions when we wanted to measure the pulse of the consumers; and designed mobile-oriented questionnaires to understand consumers on our products/services or communications materials. 

Hasret Güneş

Market Research Manager, ING Bank

We are in a period where companies need to use their resources in right areas. Long and complicated setup process, having a hard time accessing the target audience, high costs, questionable results, and slow reporting process... When we want to hit two birds with a stone, Twentify gets into the stage.

Aslı Dilara Tek

Customer Experience & Research Senior Specialist, MediaMarkt

It is a great pleasure to work with Twentify for us. They are a business partner for us that we prefer because of their innovative perspectives, tailor-made solutions for our needs, and support throughout the process. In addition, its technological infrastructures provide significant benefits in obtaining fast results.

Selin Kuzucu

Strategy Director, Speed Medya

With the research project we have conducted, we have experienced that Twentify is not only a robust research company in field projects or compiling consumer stories, but also a research partner with a flexible infrastructure and solid knowledge that can adapt to all kinds of needs. We worked with a team that could easily handle a measurement methodology with very strict medical criteria such as constipation prevalence measurement.

Cansu Yalnız

Zone Consumer Market Insights Lead, Turkey&Middle East, Sanofi Consumer Health

We can quickly, effectively, and efficiently understand consumers' true experiences and behavior as being a part of their lives with Twentify's mobile research platform. We can reach insights on a platform where consumers and shoppers express themselves best, provide the most recent information to our brands' communication and marketing strategies and take action.

Ümit Aktaş

Business Intelligence, Bayer Consumer Health

With Twentify, we can act very strongly in terms of speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Going one step beyond being a technology and research company, Twentify is a critical business partner for us with its solutions and sharing that add value to our business.

Uğur Engürlü

Shopper Insight Manager, PepsiCo

Before we started working with Twentify, we were wasting a lot of time fulfilling our research needs, and it needed to be shorter. Since our deadlines were very tight, we often had to continue the process without doing research. With the technological opportunities provided by Twentify's mobile consumer panel, speed, practicality, and easy applicability of tailor-made solutions have come to our lives.

Berra Katlav

Head of Strategy, Alametifarika

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