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While a new player is added every day in the retail industry, your consumers are exposed to more brands, campaigns, and communication. As a result, more brands are taking part in consumers' brand consideration sets. To stay ahead, you should focus on personalized marketing strategies by understanding the purchase journey and the customer experience in your integrated shopping channels.

At this point, Twentify analyzes the whole path-to-purchase with the Journey Decoder solution, measures the offline-online store experience with the Shopper Research research method, reveals development areas, and provides the audience segments as digitally targetable audiences with the Digital Targeting method.

Twentify Research Solutions With The Category Expertise



Shopper Research

Understand which product your consumers buy from where, when, and why with real-time location-based enter-exit surveys, and analyze their whole experience in-store.



Journey Decoder

Journey Decoder enables you to use qualitative and quantitative methods, projective techniques, ethnographic research methods, and multimedia analysis methods to decode the consumer purchase journey in 360 degrees, regardless of the physical or digital path, and get growth-oriented opportunities.



AdGrade Digital

Deep dive into the details of consumers' digital behavior and get a holistic understanding of their purchasing journey. Twentify offers the opportunity to track the digital behavior of opt-in consumers in real time with the AdGrade Digital solution by capturing the data on actions such as searches, product views, add-to-cart, purchases, content streaming, web browsing, ad exposure, etc.

We add value to the retail brands with our customized solutions.

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Vestel Takes the Pulse of Consumers with Twentify's Solutions

"Thanks to the Pulse solution, we are feeling peaceful. Now, whenever we have a request in a meeting, we can offer this research type. Regarding actionability, it helped us to understand consumers' shopping behavior and market potential on special days, and give action suggestions according to this potential."

Cihan Bozku┼č,
Strategic Analysis & Retail Training Manager, Vestel



MediaMarkt Reaches the Consumers Faster with Twentify Solutions

"We are in a period where companies need to use their resources in right areas. Long and complicated setup process, having a hard time accessing the target audience, high costs, questionable results, and slow reporting process... When we want to hit two birds with a stone, Twentify gets into the stage."

Asl─▒ Dilara Tek,
Customer Experience & Research Senior Specialist, MediaMarkt

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Besides what you sell, what kind of experience you provide is more critical now. Let's understand your customers together. 

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