Gather a Wide Variety of Data and Robust Insights with Multi-Dimensional Data.

Get much more and more varied data types compared to the traditional methods.

A wide variety of data supporting quantitative questions, such as videos, photographs, audio recordings, location data, open-ended questions, and audio matching, allows you to make ethnographic inferences by providing richer insights from research studies. In addition, Bounty's technological capabilities enable you to observe consumers' true experiences 24/7, in every moment and every place, and uncover the valuable insights that stay hidden in traditional methods.




Strengthen your ethnographic inferences with multimedia assets that support quantitative questions. Prove the accuracy of your research outcomes with photos taken on real occasions by real consumers.



Look at the product/service usage or purchase moments with the eye of consumers by getting video content from them. Reveal hidden insights and present the results with video reporting.



Listen to consumers' thoughts and experiences through their own voices. Decode their life routine with daily audio recordings.



Conduct in-store customer experience research and shopper insights studies within moments of true experience with location-based behavioral targeting.


Audio Matching

Our AdGrade solution instantly detects the ads consumers are exposed to using sound recognition technology. You can involve them in your research as participants without asking them whether they were exposed to the ad.



Make your segments targetable in digital media platforms with participants' Ad-IDs.


Multiple Choice and Open-Ended Questions

Collect answers by instantly accessing thousands of verified users worldwide and track the results with the real-time online dashboard.


Access to 30+ Demographic Data

Quickly access many profiled data such as age, gender, education, income, employment status, occupation, marital status, geographic location, ownership, household info, health, hobbies, and interests


Device Information

Target consumers based on their mobile device information and apps installed on their phones*.
(*App tracking is only available on Android phones and for a limited set of apps.)


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We conducted a Digital Ethnographic Product Test study using survey answers, location information, and the video content they created. We performed segmentation analysis with a wide variety of data and increased the performance of the communication strategy by building digitally targetable audiences.

Reveal Undiscovered Insights

Are you tired of research results that tell you what you already know? Let us find authentic and hidden insights for you with our innovative research solutions.

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