Research Report

Food Waste in Canada

In this extensive research we tried to shed light on food waste – one of the major sustainability issues in Canada. We evaluated the participants’ food waste attitudes and behaviors by both survey- and image-based measures.

We also dived into respondents’ attitudes toward environmentally friendly alternatives when buying milk, fruits, and vegetables, as well as the psychophysiological effects of ecological anxiety in daily lives.

We asked participants to take photos of their leftover food and inside their fridges to visually analyze the extent of the food waste.

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This study was conducted via Bounty mobile survey platform that directly communicates with the consumers in real-time. Study was carried out between March 2nd and May 10th, 2022, with 603 participants representative of Canada in terms of socio-demographics.

In this report, you will get answers to the questions below:

Refrigerator Analysis
We evaluated the participants’ refrigerator usage to better understand the waste of stored foods.

Food Waste Attitudes and Behaviors
We assessed the respondents' attitudes toward food waste, examined by using survey self-placement.

Eco-Friendliness and Eco-Anxiety
We investigated views on environmentally-friendly alternatives and climate change concerns and their impacts on participants’ daily lives.

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