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Edible Oil Consumer Research in India

We are pleased to present our newest research report, which delves into edible oil consumption in India. This comprehensive study aims to provide valuable insights into the type of edible oil preferred by consumers and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

In this report, we address key questions that are of utmost relevance to edible oil manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. We uncover crucial information that can shape business strategies and enhance consumer satisfaction by exploring the subject below.

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The research was conducted with a sample of 2983 participants who consume edible oil, aged 18-60, and representing both male and female populations across India. The research was carried out on the Bounty consumer platform using the «Mobile Research» method.

In this report, you will get answers to your  questions related the subjects below:

  • Type of Edible Oil Consumed in India
  • Edible Oil Consideration in Terms of Health
  • Parameters People Consider While Buying Edible Oil
  • Refined Oil Brand Consumers Generally Buy
  • Pack Size Consumers Prefer for Refined Oil
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