Research Report

Radio Listenership Research in India

This report examines the radio listening habits of participants in India, exploring the trends that shape radio listenership. Gain a deeper understanding of participant preferences towards music consumption, including the genres of music that dominate listeners' preferences. The report highlights popular radio stations and the times of day when listeners are most engaged. Discover radio listening habits in India with our latest report.

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The research was conducted with a sample of 7341 participants aged 18-34, representing both male and female populations across India, and used the "Mobile Research" method.

In this report, you will get answers to your  questions related the subjects below:

  • Average time spent per day in radio listening
  • Time of day for radio listening
  • Occasions for radio listening
  • Content preferences
  • Preferred music genre and song type
  • Preferred radio channels
Twentify - Radio Listnership Survey in India Report - April 2023