Research Report

Digital Payment & Wallet Usage in India

It is obvious that the increasing use of e-commerce with the effect of the pandemic and the rapid transition to contactless payment systems have triggered the use of digital wallets all over the world.

And it seems that the consumers have already adopted its advantages such as safety, fast payment, and easy-to-use. We can call it an end of an era in the payments ecosystem.

In this report, we examined consumer preferences and usage on digital payment systems in India. You can have it free of charge by filling out the form on the page.

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The research has been conducted with 1322 participants who belong to the 18-34 age group, male & female, using Twentify's mobile consumer panel. In this report, you will get answers to the questions below:

 - Preferred payment methods

 - Advantages of using digital wallets

 - Brands awareness of digital/mobile wallet products.

 - Platform usage

 - Net promoter scores of the platforms