Research Report

Self-Health & Healthy Brand Perception in India

This report provides an understanding of consumers' self-health and healthy brand perception. Conducted with 1526 participants between the ages of 18-65, 50% male and 50% female, our research sheds light on how consumers feel about their health, weight goals, and what brands they associate with natural and healthy products. Our findings offer valuable insights for companies and brands looking to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

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The research has been conducted with 1526 participants who belong to the 18-65 age group, male & female, using Twentify's mobile consumer panel Bounty. In this report, you will get answers to the questions below:

 - Self-Health perception of the people in India

 - Perception of brands on 'Healthy & Natural'

 - Brand purchase

 - Information source of people about healthy products

Twentify India - Self Health and Healthy Brand Perception