Use Case

Amazon has created Türkiye's Smile Map with Twentify,

spread smiles throughout the country with its Smiling November Campaigns.

Our customer, Amazon, wanted to get an idea of what makes Turkish people smile, where and with whom they smile, and consumer behavior, aiming to understand Turkish customers better and offer them special services and offers.

At Twentify, we developed a research project and examined in detail the moments, people, subjects, and consumer behaviors that make people smile, using mobile quantitative research methodology on the Bounty platform to create Türkiye's Smile Map for Amazon Türkiye.


"With this research, we aimed to demonstrate our commitment to understanding our customers in Türkiye and offering them customized services and offers. We conducted a local study with Twentify, a reputable research company. We are pleased to share the results of the Türkiye's Smile Report 2022, which sheds light on what, where, how, and with whom people smile in Türkiye."
Amazon Türkiye Country Manager Richard Marriott


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