The Impact of Social Media Use on Psychology

ISocial media has become an integral part of modern life. Millions of people spend time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok every day. This widespread usage necessitates a closer examination of the psychological effects of social media. In this post, we will explore both the positive and negative impacts of social media on psychology and offer suggestions on how to balance these effects.Introduction


Positive Effects

Staying Connected: Social media makes it easy to stay connected with family and friends. It allows us to communicate with people we can't physically meet due to long distances. This is especially important for expatriate families and friends living in different cities. Sharing memories, sending messages on important days, and instantly sharing significant life updates are some of the most valuable advantages that social media offers.

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International Women’s Day in Canada- Stories and Opinions!

The theme of International Women’s Day 2016 was Pledge For Parity, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

As the world has united in celebration of International Women’s Day 2016, we decided to ask important questions about the gender situation in Canada.


We crowdsourced opinions on this topic via our crowdsourcing platform Bounty and have received a wealth of opinions and stories from citizens all over Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland in a matter of hours.

These are the questions that we raised and the strong, thoughtful, important and touching responses that we have received.

Which woman inspires you in your life?

“My mom is my true inspiration. Back home she worked really hard as a teacher and still got low wage compared to men but despite that because of her, we are here in Canada with a high standard of living.” — Jay P.

“I like the story of Malala. She stood up to terrorists, even got shot so that girls can get an education in Pakistan.” — Chris M.

“My mom inspires me. She is little and sometimes shy, but her strength is incredible. We recently lost my brother and two family dogs and the ways I’ve watched my mom feel and mourn so deeply, but still be a super mom to me and my sister and a super wife to my dad are incredible!” — Jen M.

“All of my military wife friends inspire everyday. They are strong, gentle hearts that can literally stand tall like a tree and take the hardships military life throws at them.” — Ashley P.

“My mother inspires me and is someone I look to as a role model. She raised my brother and I as a single parent while also maintaining her career as a teacher and counsellor. I remember as a kid that not only was she one of the few women who had divorced and lived on their own, she was also the exception to most mothers who did not have jobs. Despite my different situation I never felt at a loss. My mother seemed capable of doing anything with independence and that fostered on me the same perspective of the world and a pride in hard work and perseverance.” — Britt W.

“There is a group of women on Facebook called Solo Women Travellers. They all inspire me! All ages of women who travel the world solo. Brave. Courageous. Fearless.” — Jenell D.

“My middle name was given to me in honour of my great great grandmother Christena Trouse. She was an exceptionally strong woman who left an abusive, alcoholic husband in the late 1800s’ when that was not a common thing to do. She is one of many very strong independent women in my family line. I am proud to carry her namesake.” — Renée C.

“One of the many female role models in my life was Dr. Linda Henderson. She was the first feminist I knew, she ignited my passion for learning and though she may not know it, she assisted me in overcoming a learning disability and graduating from university.” — Lauren O.

“My mother. Growing up in a male dominant society in the Caribbean has taught me a lot about the strength and courage of women. My mother managed to work while taking care of myself and three other siblings in more ways than possible. I cherish her and other women like herself that don’t take anything for granted and use whatever ability they have to make an impact on everyone’s lives.” — Walton S.

“The woman that inspires me is my wife. She is on maternity leave and is currently at home taking care of our son. Every day she inspires me to be a better person/man just though her day-to-day action and outlook on life. I love her a lot and am truly happy that she is my wife and mother to my child.” — Scott H.

“My grandmother is 95 and I am very proud to be her granddaughter. She lives on her own, still does all of her cooking and goes to the gym in her building every day.” — Kelsey H.

“Police women inspire me. In a world where men ruled for so many years it’s fantastic to see women as a equal part and excelling so far in senior positions.” — JL

What does gender equality mean to you?

“All genders are equal in the law, equal in social status, equal in opportunity, and balanced to empower those who are oppressed.” — Ian S.

“Husband and wife sharing all house chores and financial responsibilities together. Business world: women getting same pay as men for performing a job.” — Momena H.

“It means I won’t have to worry about my children choosing careers based on what boys should do and girls should do. If my son wants to be a nurse and my daughter wants a mechanic. It means that people will be compensated for the quality of work instead of their genitalia.” — Kara B.

“Not having to ever worry about being looked down upon, being judged, or missing opportunity because of my gender.” — Tif H.

“The same rights and the same treatment of every single individual be it male or female, gay, transsexual or how anyone choose to define themselves.” — Walton S.

“Gender equality seems like something that I can’t believe is still up for debate in 2016. It is truly unfathomable that people can treat women like their lessers, when we are all human.” — Kyle C.

“It means a world where the term ‘gender equality’ doesn’t exist because it doesn’t need to. Everyone is treated equally.” — Max C.

What would be your solution for better gender equality in Canada?

“Make it mandatory to pay similar jobs the same for both men and women.” — Jenell D.

“We need to work it into our education. Perhaps it’s wasted money trying to change older generations, but teaching new generations is the way to go.” — Kyle C.

“Government leading by example, and for women to be less objectified in the media.” — Max C.

“Ending the fear women have in the rape culture. Putting more women into positions of power. Trudeau is working toward this for us! Also, more support for single mothers, easier access to education.” — Maranda D.

“Education and work shops on gender equality! Get talking!” — Emma M.

“Greater representation of women in sciences and politics.” — Lauren O.

“I don’t believe that there is any ONE solution to better gender equality. It’s the same thing with race and religion; there will always be people who believe that their way of life is better in some way, and/or that their beliefs are the only right way. Equality of all forms is going to take time and effort, beginning with education of EVERYONE, not just our children or tough adults. Right now, women in Canada make approximately 74 cents to every dollar that a man makes. This is coming from adults; CEO’s, decision makers. They need to make changes too.” — Catrina H.


If you could send a message to the women of the world, what would you wish them?

“For centuries women did not have the same opportunities that we have today. We should use this freedom to better our position in this world.” — Momena H.

“Love yourself and be kind to each other.” — Jen M.

“Stay strong, we have come along way and have further to go.” — Tyler F.

“Be brave, not perfect (also the name of the Ted talk).” — Naveen Q.

“I wish you all inner joy and peace, for each and every one of us deserves it.” — Alexandra D.

“Thank you for being you. You make the world what it is.” — Bryce L.

“I wouldn’t wish them, I would salute them for being who they are and what they do.” — Gaurav B.

“Stand up for yourselves. Be the change you want to see in the world. Help each other grow; physically, mentally, emotionally. Equality isn’t going to come by itself. Be a team.” — Catrina H.

“Do whatever you want whenever you want, unapologetically.” — Lauren O.

“You’ve come a long way, don’t quit now!” — Jesse C.

“I hope that all women are never afraid to be who they are and they stay strong through all of their hardships because in the end you will come out a stronger woman on the other side.” — Calee S.

“Keep your head up ladies, when things are hard, know you are not alone. If you are able to vote make sure you do! Your voice needs to be heard!” — Kara B.

“We are capable and we make things happen. Let’s work hard to achieve more, let’s face our fears through being responsible of the decision we make. We rule the world!” — Alexandrine H.

“You’re strong, you’re beautiful, and you’re worth it. Together we’ll make this world an amazing and safe place to live!” — Tif H.

Canada has a lot to say on this topic and is united in the acknowledgement of the need to work towards better gender equality!

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